Web Design for Scuba Dive Businesses

In the scuba diving industry what people see is important and first impressions count. Chances are that if you are in a tourist destination, people will be judging their decision on who to dive with off of your website. If yours doesn’t have the right look and feel and if it doesn’t offer them all the information they are after, you have lost a customer.

Being divers ourselves, we make websites that divers can navigate and relate to. A nice looking, nicely laid out website with all of the right information will convert the visitors to your site into divers at your shop. That’s what is important. To make those conversions, you need to get traffic to your website and this leads us to the next service.

Search Engine Optimization For Dive Shops

Scuba diving in search engines can be a very competitive field. A lot of businesses know that there is a lot or money to be made or lost based upon where your site sits in search results. We focus on getting your site found in searches that people are searching for. We don’t make false promises and we don’t claim to know everything about search engine algorythms. For one thing, they are constantly changing and secondly, if we did know everything I’m sure google would pay us more than we make here! There are certainly things which can be done that increase your position in search and we do them.

First things first you have to get all of the onpage SEO factors correct. This is the easy part. We fix your website so that it is how google wants it to be.

The second, more time consuming and ongoing commitment is off page SEO work. This consists of link building, article writing, directory submitting, site map submissions, etc. This is where you make it or break it in the online world.

While search engines account for a huge chunk of traffic on the web they are not the be all and end all. Social media is another means to the end that is traffic.

Social Media Marketing for Dive Shops

Getting your scuba business exposure and traffic an incredibly important issue for dive shops. Getting in front of the right eyes is equally important. Social media sites such as facebook are incredible at achieving this goal. With facebook, if you know what you are doing, you can advertise to very specific geo targeted groups who are already scuba divers. Because of this, you don’t need to waste your money trying to sell diving to people who are afraid of swimming or are in a location where it is highly unlikely they would ever visit. You can pinpoint where your marketing dollars are spent. And once you gain these ‘likes’ to your page, you can constantly engage these potential customers again and again.

Online Reputation Management

Managing your reputation online is important. Dive shops are an industry where trust is an incredibly important factor in customers determining their choice in which shop they will dive with. Managing your reputation, responding to reviews, posting in forums, and thanking customers is something that goes along way in the way your dive shop presents itself to new potential customers. We will monitor all of the top forums, review sites, and dive directories and work with you to come up with appropriate responses to divers complaints. We will also always thank divers who leave positive reviews. Engaging and making your customers feel important is very important in getting repeat customers.

Email Marketing for Dive Shops

If you don’t keep a database of customers email addresses at your dive shop you are missing out huge. Websites should also be used to try and capture email addresses of people who are even considering diving with you so that you can occasionally contact them to peek their interest in your shop or destination again. It is a great way to recruit potential customer as well as keep previous customers informed about the happenings at your dive shop. Keeping in touch is great for customer service and definitely increases your chances of those customers returning at a later time. If you chose our most advanced marketing plan you will be able to put your dive shop not only in front of the email addresses that are gathered off of your home page, but also those gathered at some of our sites such as ScubaDiveDestinations.com.

Article Writing for Dive Shops

So many websites out there today are completely static. Never changing or giving the visitor any reason to check back at a later date. Writing articles for your website which can range from daily dive reports to information about different species that can be found, to general dive industry news or information on the area that you are located is great for a number of reasons. First it gives visitors a reason to come back. Second, it gives search engines another page with different keywords and topics to index for you. This means more traffic, which means more customers, and more money for you. Article writing for your site is an investment that will repay itself over and over again the longer that you are in business.

Photo and Video Editing and Touch Ups

Having great quality photos is an important step in showcasing your dive shop. Unedited underwater photos and videos don’t look near as good as they do following editing. It is also important to embed your logo on photos and video so that when your pictures are shared you will always get the credit you deserve.

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