Pricing For Our Services


Every web design project is slightly different and so are the levels of involvement that business owners want to have in the design process. This makes it near impossible to say that a 10 page website will cost xx$ and a 20 page website will be xx$. Generally speaking, the more detailed information and specifications that the owner or manager can put together initially, the better the process will go.

After receiving the needs and wants of the business we are happy to offer 2 different options. We can offer you a fixed price to complete the work. This is good for businesses that want to have a budget fixed for the project. The other option is that we can work by the hour. Our rates are $40 per hour for web development and $35 for SEO work (when on monthly plans) and are rounded up to the closest 15 minutes. This option tends to work out to be slightly less for most projects.


SEO work is often something that is overlooked by business owners as an expense that they can not afford. In some cases this may be true, but every case is different and we encourage you to at least get an analysis done of your website, the keywords you are hoping to rank for and the competition which exists for those keywords, and then also to figure out how much an average diver brings in revenue wise to your shop.

In most cases organic SEO work is the best marketing money you will ever spend. We offer any size plan for SEO work. We work mostly on set monthly budgets as SEO work should be an ongoing commitment. Again for SEO work we charge $35 per hour. So for instance a $175 per month plan will get you 5 hours of SEO link building and content writing per month. This tends to be the starting point for most of our plans. This may seem like a decent sized monthly commitment, but for most dive shops around the world this is less than a single diver doing 2 or 3 days of diving with you would bring in. Anything above that diver is a positive return on your marketing investment.