I have been able to secure some fantastic scuba diving domains over time and have these domains listed below available to be developed. As time goes on some of these domains will be used and I will likely acquire some new ones to go along with them. If you see a domain here which could benefit you and your dive shop please contact us and we can figure out what type of Marketing Plan will best suit your dive shops needs.

Scuba Diving Africa (www.scubadivingafrica.com)
Scuba Diving the Azores (www.scubadivingazores.com)
Scuba Diving Bahamas (www.scubadiving-bahamas.com)
Scuba Diving Bermuda (www.scubadivingbermuda.com)
Scuba Diving Bora Bora (www.scubadivingborabora.com)
Scuba Diving Borneo (www.scubadivingborneo.com)

Scuba Diving Brazil (www.scubabrazil.com)

Scuba Diving the Cayman Islands (www.scubadivingcaymanisland.com)
Scuba Diving Cocos Island (www.scubadivingcocosisland.com)
Diving Cocos Island (www.divingcocosisland.com)
Scuba Diving the Cook Islands (www.scubadivingcookislands.com)

Scuba Diving Guanacaste, Costa Rica (www.scuba-dive-costa-rica.com)

This site has been made and is home to Rocket Frog Divers. Rocket Frog Divers is a full service PADI dive shop which has also recently become NAUI and SDI certified. They offer trips to the Bat Islands, the Catalinas and local diving in the Gulf de Papagayo.

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica (www.scubadiving.co.cr)

This is a website that has been made and developed for both Rocket Frog Divers and the Undersea Hunter Group which serves Cocos Island.

Scuba Diving Croatia (www.scubadivingcroatia.com)
Scuba Diving Ecuador (www.scubadivingecuador.com)

Scuba Diving Europe (www.scubadivingeurope.com)
Scuba Diving Fakarava (www.scubadivingfakarava.com)
Scuba Diving France (www.scubadivingfrance.com)
Scuba Diving French Polynesia (www.scubadivingfrenchpolynesia.com)
Scuba Diving the Galapagos (www.scubadivinggalapagosislands.com)
Scuba Diving Italy (www.scubadivingitaly.com)
Scuba Diving Jamaica (www.scubadivingjamaica.com)

Scuba Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand (www.scubakoh-tao.com)

I have started working on a website that promotes the Koh Tao region of Thailand and specifically a dive shop called Dive Wishes and More. It is a great shop with some great boats, that provides fantastic service to one of the most popular backpacker destinations in the world, where tons of people get certified!

Scuba Diving Malapascua (www.divingmalapascua.com)

Scuba Diving Micronesia (www.scubadivingmicronesia.com)
Scuba Diving Moorea (www.scubadivingmoorea.com)
Scuba Diving Mozambique (www.scubadivingmozambique.com)
Scuba Diving Nauru (www.scubadivingnauru.com)
Diving in New Zealand (www.diving-new-zealand.com)
Scuba Diving Nicaragua (www.scubadivingnicaragua.com)
Scuba Diving Palau (www.scubadivingpalau.com)
Diving Panama (www.panama-diving.com)

Scuba Diving Rangiroa (www.scubadivingrangiroa.com)

This website has been started to be developed for Rangiroa Plongee. This dive shop offers some of the best shark diving found in the world! The main dive sites in Rangiroa are centered around Tiputa Pass. Visibility is great in this area. The weather is fantastic. The water is warm. On top of this, you have some of the largest groups of sharks which can be spotted anywhere in the world.

Scuba Diving Seychelles (www.scubadivingseychelles.com)
Scuba Diving The South Pacific (www.scubadivingsouthpacific.com)
Scuba Diving Tahiti (www.scubadivingtahiti.com)
Scuba Diving Tuvalu (www.scubadivingtuvalu.com)

Scuba Diving in Zanzibar (www.scubadivezanzibar.com)

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