I am a husband, father, owner of ScubaDiveMarketing.com, web developer, marketer, search engine nerd, dive travel planner, and I even wash the dishes! If you have a dive business you are looking for help with I would be more than happy to discuss and offer my insights and knowledge!


2014 Goals

Since starting this site I have been watching other similar type sites and trying to pick up on the good things which are being done and improve on some other things. One of the sites I try to watch is NewScubaMarketing.com. It’s a site where the owner (Nick Bostic) seems to tell it like it…

shark in costa rica

New Website!

So I have decided to launch a website advertising what I have already been doing for quite some time now, doing online marketing for scuba diving operations. I have been happy to gain a decent monthly income from these different shops that I have worked with, however, I am to the point now where I…