Resume Website Form

Please be as descriptive as you can when filling out this form. If you want certain photos on a certain page, please indicate the filename of the photos in the write up for each page.
  • The name you wish for your website to be accessed through eg (http://www.yournamediver.com)
  • Please provide an introduction to yourself. Be as creative as you want.
  • Please list any certifications held, number of logged dives, number of divers you have certified, and any other qualifications you see as relevant.
  • Please include past dive shops for which you have worked. Include name of dive shop, website address, as well as a contact person at that dive shop and their email who will act as a reference for you.
  • Please include any ways in which you wish to be contacted. Facebook, instagram, twitter, skype, phone, email, etc.
  • Include any special instructions and or more information you would like includes.
  • Please upload some diving photos which you have personally taken which you own the rights to and you can use in a portfolio. Please zip your photos into one file. Files over 64 mbs will have to be separated and sent separately.
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