We are looking for 10 dive centres to start a new cooperative ecommerce website program

We are constantly looking for ways to help all of our customers run a successful and profitable dive centre. With that comes an up to date and informative website. In the scuba diving industry we think it is imperative to have an ecommerce side to your website to give your customers options to view the different equipment available to them and to also buy online if they wish.

The problem with maintaining an ecommerce site for scuba diving sites is the number of products which exist for each and every product line and keeping those products, the prices, and the photos up to date. It is incredibly time consuming and a very specialised and monotonous job. The interesting thing about the scuba diving industry is that a large number of the dealers require you to abide by MAP pricing. So the majority of dive shops sell the exact same products at the exact same pricing.

What we can do is set up the sites in a network so that when a product is updated on our master site, it will be updated on all sites across the network. So 10 dive centres can share the cost of adding a product line or updating product pictures or pricing rather than 10 paying their web developers individually.

Your website itself will be completely customised with all of your dive centres specific information on it.

Is Your Dive Shop A Good Fit For Our Program?

We are looking for medium to large size dive centres which are operated as a business, not a hobby. Your dive centres should be dealers for multiple product lines. We are looking for dive centres who are forward thinking and can help share ideas amongst the cooperative group of dive centres which we work with.

Other Benefits

  • There will also be the opportunity to cross promote group trips (and share commission) among other dive centres in the network and make sure minimum numbers are met and to take advantage of comped spaces.
  • We also work directly with many dive centres and liveaboard vessels around the world and can help arrange group travel to new destinations for your dive shop and split the commissions.
  • We have a large number of stock scuba diving images to help make your website look good and to make scuba diving look appealing to your customers.
  • Your website will be set up on a CMS platform which allows for you to make many changes yourself if you wish.


  • We will charge $60 a month to be part of the network and to host your website on our dedicated server.
  • We also charge $35 per hour for our development work. If it is work done on products it will be split at the end of the month amongst all dive centres who are part of the network. If it is work specific to your website it will be billed directly to you at the end of each month. We keep track of time using a time tracker which tracks to the minute.
  • We also charge at cost +5% for any expenses which we incur such as plugins or themes which you may require to run a specific function on your website.

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