We work with your dive shop on a day to day basis to bring your dive shop the exposure and online presence which it needs to be successful in today’s digital world.


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Website Creation, Design, Development

We work with our clients to build functional, attractive, and optimized websites which are up to date with all current browsers and devices. We are very responsive to updates and changes and work with our customers on a daily basis to ensure their site is portraying their message and information to their customers.

We work with scuba dive shop owners on a daily basis and have a very good feel for what works and what doesn’t in the diving industry as far as websites are concerned.

E-Commerce Development and Management

An online shop is a huge must for retail dive shops. Whether you sell many products online or not, they act as a huge reference point for interested browsers who quite often will choose to contact you or go into your shop to buy their gear. It is a great way to get hundreds or thousands of new pages indexed on your website as well, which gives interested divers hundreds or thousands of new possibilities to come across your dive shop.

It is no small job to make an online shop for a dive shop. Each product is effect a new page, with pricing, photos, descriptions, etc all build in. Each manufacturer may have several thousand part numbers and many manufacturers in the dive industry are very hard to get photos, pricing, and descriptions out of. We already work with several dive shops, and have created online stores with several thousand scuba diving products.

When a price update comes out, we can update the pricing for that manufacturer one time and do it across all of our clients sites. It is much more efficient and cost effective than a developer who has to do all of this work just for your business!

Search Engine Optimization

What is the point of a website if no one can find it? There really isn’t much point in it. We work with our clients to ensure they are being found for the keywords and search terms which will bring them the most business. We set honest and realistic goals for our customers and work as hard as we can to achieve these goals.

Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing field and unless you are keeping up to date with it on a regular basis, you will fall behind. We make sure you are positioned well on both maps and organic search in your area and will suggest adwords campaigns to our customers in the cases where their organic results may be further down the road then they wish to wait.

Social Media Management

Social media is something which we believe should be, well, social. We don’t advocate in sharing other dive shops posts 8 times a day. We believe in sharing photos, videos, and events which are current to your dive shop. We actively monitor and engage with your customers who leave comments. Our goal is ultimately to have other people sharing your posts, not to be sharing theirs!

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a very important part of an all around marketing plan. Staying engaged with your customers, sending out information on new products you have in stock, course dates, dive shop events, trips, etc is probably one of the best rates of return on investment you will ever see in marketing.

You can also use email marketing to set up automated campaigns to request reviews from students a certain amount of time after they have completed their course, or gone on a trip with you, or purchased a product.

Sell Your Scuba Products On Amazon

If you haven’t noticed, a lot of people buy stuff on Amazon these days. Jeff Bezos is worth over 100 Billion dollars. While we understand that Amazon is taking a sizable chunk away from the brick and mortar retailers (15%), it really is a case of if you can’t beat them join them.

Selling on Amazon can be a real headache. We try to take that out of it for you. We can list your products, update your inventory via spreadsheets, and do almost everything except put the gear in boxes and ship it for you.

Article Writing

Have you ever been on websites which you can tell they are just jamming out content for the purpose of getting it out there? Dive websites where the writer clearly has never been diving? We have a team of dive professionals from around the world who are always keen to put out new articles. If you are looking for articles on a particular destination, chances are we have an instructor working there who would love to write about it.

Give us an idea for an article and we will run with it!

Google Adwords Marketing

Adwords marketing isn’t just buying search terms and hoping for the best. A full adwords campaign will feature search ads, display network ads, remarketing ads, and possibly google shopping ads.

If you have ever noticed that after you visit a website an ad will follow you around, you’re not crazy. (Infact you will likely see an ad from us follow you around for the next while). Remarketing is an incredible way to reengage with people who you know to be interested in your business and your products.

For instance, imagine someone is on your site and thinking of taking their Open Water Course but can’t afford it until their next pay cheque which may be two weeks away. If they don’t get in touch with you to let you know of their interest, what is the chances they will come back to your website in 2 weeks time? They may forget about diving altogether or they may find one of your competitors the next week. A little reminder popping up goes a long way in ensuring they come back to you!

CRM Solutions

We use Zoho CRM for a wide variety of Customer Relationship Management solutions. It is an incredibly great tool for tracking your customers, keeping up to date with their purchases and habits, the value they bring to your company, etc. It makes it very easy to assign tasks and follow up on leads as well. If you haven’t investigated CRM solutions you owe it to yourself to leave our site now and have a look.

Google Analytics Reporting and Analysis

We will work with you to have your google analytics reports sent to you on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis as you wish. We will go over the reports with you and find out where your traffic is coming from, what it is doing when it gets to your site, and how to improve your site based upon that data. We also use Google Analytics to set custom audiences for Remarketing Adwords campaigns.

Point Of Sale Pricing Updates

Jonnie, the founder of ScubaDiveMarketing, can easily pass for a huge google sheets nerd. If you are on a cloud based point of sale system, updating a manufacturers products, and pricing shouldn’t be a huge job. He will help save you time and money by keeping your prices up to date and accurate.

And More

If there is something that we don’t have listed that you think you need help with, feel free to ask. We may have already done it and forgot to list it here or we may wish to learn and then offer it here. We take pride in being highly adaptive, responsive and flexible when working with our clients.

We will work with you to make a monthly marketing plan which will allow you to get the help you need at a cost which will make it an easy decision to bring us on board!